Airfloat Air Plank systems allow for the safe, nearly frictionless movement of large loads or machinery. Our Aluminum Air Planks are available in capacities up to 37,500 lbs per plank and are stocked in lengths up to 144 inches. Manufactured from extruded aluminum, these planks are durable, lightweight and built for years of trouble-free operation. Airfloat systems are designed to compete – on price and performance – with systems and solutions that are far less flexible, including heavy-duty casters and rollers.

Quality Materials

Our Air Casters only utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm design with superior wear resistance for moving loads effortlessly.

Slide-Out Air Casters

Air Skids can be serviced without removing the load, using the slide-out steel trays design.


Made from extruded aluminum, our Aluminum Planks offer a portable, lighter alternative to our steel air caster products.


Aluminum Air Plank Models

Model Number Capacity per Plank Air Caster Size Width Length Height SCFM PSI
AF04012 9,000 lbs 12 in 13 in 60 – 144 in 2 1/2 in 33 34
AF04017 19,000 lbs 17 in 18 in 72 – 144 in 2 1/2 in 48 35
AF04020 25,000 lbs 20 in 21 in 72 – 144 in 2 1/2 in 54 36
AF04024 37,500 lbs 24 in 24 1/2 in 60 – 144 in 2 1/2 in 82 34


Air Plank Photos

Air Plank Options


Model Number Model Name Description
AF04-DP Control Pendant Handheld Deadman Pendant
AF04-SP Storage Pallet Forkable pallet capable of holding up to 9 planks and 3 control units
AF04-RC Roll Chucks Chucks added to the planks to help transport cylindrical objects
AF04-LT Locating Tabs Tabs welded in position per customer request to help locate a workpiece
AF04-LR Loading Ramps Ramps added to the ends of the plank to help load wheeled vehicles
AF04-RH Removable Handles A removable handle to help move the load
AF04-SH Strap Handles Top mounted handles to simplify transportation of a plank