Innovative Automated Guided Vehicles

Manufacturers understand the advantages of moving assembly lines, and Align Production Systems understands how to maximize the performance and functionality of heavy equipment assembly utilizing versatile and reliable air bearing-driven automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

  • Ease, safe and affordable to implement
  • Boost worker safety
  • Promote lean manufacturing

Automated Pneumatic Guided Vehicles Promote Lean Manufacturing

As an end-to-end solution provider, our custom-designed automated guided vehicles can accommodate loads of varying lengths and weights while empowering Lean Manufacturing with a simple, yet powerful process:

  • Airfloat Lift Glide Transporter with AGVPneumatic lifts raise the transporter off its wheels and onto four air caster skids┬áthat float just a few millimeters off the ground.
  • Line-following robots automatically move the transporter from workstation to workstation, or it can be wirelessly steered by an operator via an RF controller.
  • Deployable wheels allow the Align Production Systems assembly transporter to be towed while loaded.

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Align Production Systems delivers flexible automation solutions for assembly line systems that require a low initial capital investment, require minimal maintenance costs and remain durable for years and even decades thanks to fewer moving parts.

Explore the possibilities of automatic pneumatic guided vehicles in your facility with the expertise of Align Production Systems’ engineers. Contact us today.