Moving Assembly Lines for the Heaviest Loads

For more than 40 years, market leaders like Boeing, Caterpillar and Ford Motor Co. have used Airfloat technology to revolutionize their manufacturing processes. Mining trucks, aircraft, RVs, locomotives – all are built on Align Production Systems equipment.

  • Virtually limitless load capacity
  • Friction-free, omnidirectional movement
  • Easily reconfigured or relocated
  • Maximize floor space
  • Low capital investment

Air Caster-Enabled Assembly Line Systems Promote Lean Manufacturing

As an end-to-end solution provider, our custom-designed assembly line systems empower Lean manufacturing with omni-directional equipment such as air platforms and transporters and air caster skids that:

  • End reliance on costly to install and maintain overhead cranes and tow conveyors
  • Demand minimal facility requirements
  • Maximize the use of floor place
  • Can quickly be reconfigured or relocated without extra cost
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Require low initial capital investment and minimal maintenance costs
  • Remain durable for years and even decades thanks to fewer moving parts

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Align Production Systems delivers flexible automation solutions for assembly line systems that are easy and safe to implement. When you’re ready to end your reliance on costly to install and maintain overhead cranes and in-ground conveyors, you want Align’s air caster technology.

To learn more about Align Production Systems’ custom assembly line systems and their real world application, read about how CNH uses them in our case study here.