The Most Stable, Reliable and Affordable Method for CMM Transport

The world’s leading manufacturers and research institutions increasingly rely on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for component inspection and quality control. Oftentimes, these sophisticated machines must be housed in separate temperature-controlled, contaminant-free environments. Safely and efficiently transporting components to the CMM for inspection can be a problem, especially for large welded assemblies, entire vehicle bodies, etc. An Align Production Systems CMM Shuttle is ideally suited for such challenges.

Benefits include:

  • CMM PlateFriction-free movement of test articles
  • Pneumatic lift beams
  • Internal air motor-powered drives, steerable in both X and Y axes
  • Handheld pendant control with deadman switch
  • Dual-mode air bearing flow (loaded/unloaded)
  • Load weight: up to 25,400 lbs. (test article)

Secondary Tooling Pallet Features

  • Tooling plate
  • Cam followers and lead-ins
  • V-notches for location on floor-mounted cam followers in CMM

For Optimum Cycle Times

Airfloat can provide two secondary tooling pallets to be moved in and out of a CMM room by the air bearing transporter. While one is being measured in the CMM, the other pallet can be loaded or unloaded, resulting in a significant time savings.

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Align Production Systems delivers flexible solutions for CMM transport that are easy and safe to implement. When you want the safest, most ergonomically correct way to move and position heavy loads—regardless of industry—you want Align Production Systems’ Airfloat air caster technology.