From fully-automated conveyor systems with robotic integration to simple 3-stop gravity-fed conveyor solutions, Align Production Systems designs and manufactures our conveyors to meet your industrial needs. Our expertise in turntables and lift systems means that combination and integration of system-wide solutions are easy with our diverse product line. The Align Production Systems engineering team has years of experience designing custom engineered conveyor systems for industry leaders looking for specialty conveyor solutions to their manufacturing problems.

Examples of Over Under Conveyor Systems 

Align Production Systems will work with your manufacturing team to design and build the right system for your floor space, operational and ergonomic needs. Our history as a leader in heavy load handling assures you that your system will be built to last, ensuring that your ROI’s are achieved. Our Over Under Systems Feature:

  • Standard 3, 5, and 7 Position Configurations or Custom Solutions available.
  • Ergonomic Features including lift, rotation, tilting as needed
  • Load capacities from 100 lbs to 50,000 lbs
  • Gravity Powered or Powered Roller systems available
  • Heavy duty guides and leads for durable fork truck interfacing

Conveyor Systems Demo Video

Align Production Systems’ over under conveyor systems are designed for industrial environments by our team of engineers to meet your material flow, productivity, ergonomic and safety needs. Our conveyor systems offer these benefits to your operation:

  • Free up valuable factory floor space
  • Reduced fork truck traffic
  • Offer proper part presentation for worker safety and ergonomics
  • Introduce parts to hard to reach places on your line
  • Increase productivity and optimize product flow