Innovative, Simple Solution for Shaft and Roller Bearing Installation

Align Production Systems has designed and built an innovative new machine for the assembly, disassembly and transport of backup chocks used in the manufacture of rolled steel. Suitable for any shaft and bearing installation application, this air caster transporter is a fabricated steel structure constructed of heavy-walled structural tube and laser-cut steel plate.

By floating 30,000 pound roller bearing housings on a thin film of compressed air, this air-film equipment:

  • Engages the bearing housing with lifting pins and a four-post hydraulic lift system to raise it off the ground;
  • Allows the operator to steer it into approximate alignment with the backup roll shaft using track-type and front-wheel steering;
  • Is then eased onto the shaft, automatically making slight adjustments to keep the two in proper alignment.

Suitable to replace overhead cranes used to attach bearing housings to backup roll shafts, this air-film equipment allows a single operator to perform the operation while eliminating damage to the roll—two benefits with significant monetary benefits.

Innovation Utilized by 92% of Fortune 500 Companies

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Align Production Systems delivers powerful shaft and bearing installation solutions that are easy and safe to implement—just one pound of force is required to move 1,000 pounds of weight. When you want the safest, most ergonomically correct way to move and position heavy loads—regardless of industry—you want Align Production Systems’ Airfloat air caster technology.