Our Pneumatic Lift tables are 100% pneumatic and built to withstand the demands of manufacturing, and are easy and safe to implement. Our standard Pneumatic Lifts are available in a range of top sizes, with capacities up to 8,000 lbs, collapsed height of 4″ and vertical stroke of 24″. All of our tables feature solid steel cross arms, and are CAD designed and engineered for optimum performance, strength, and durability unsurpassed in the industry. In addition to standalone operation, our lift tables can be integrated into a solution with our tilt tables or mechanical rotates.



Pneumatic Lift Table in Action

Standard lift with a custom top

Pneumatic lift with
a Custom Top

Lift on a Utility Platform

Custom Platform with
Lift Roller Conveyor

Yellow Platform with Lift and Roller

Custom Platform with Lift
Roller Conveyor

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Pneumatic Lift Table Models

Model Number Capacity (lbs) Stroke Down Height Base Width Base Length
ST010-3648 2,000 24 8.25 36 48
ST014-2448 2,000 24 8.25 24 48
ST011-4248 4,000 24 8.25 42 48
ST012-4848 6,000 24 12 48 48
ST014-4350 6,000 24 4 43 50
ST013-4848 8,000 24 12 48 48

Photos of Pneumatic Lift Table