Invest in worker safety and ergonomics with non-invasive tilt tables. Our 100% pneumatic non-invasive tilt tables are designed to be stand-alone or with bolt-on configurations with other equipment like our pneumatic lift and mechanical rotates. standard non-invasive tilts tables are available in a range of top sizes at a 30° angle and can position loads up to 4,000 lbs. Non-invasive tilt tables maximize space for those who have floor constraints. As with all our products lines, our tilt tables are designed and made in America with full steel construction.

Rulon Bearings

We use Rulon Bearings to provide longer wear and extended operating life with a self-lubricating design and no messy greasing system.

Built to Last

Our Pneumatic Tilts use 18% more steel than competitors, giving our tilts superior strength and durability.

Ergonomic Handling

Equipment designed to removes the risk of injuries in the workplace, while improving performance and productivity.



ST027 30° Degree Pneumatic Non-Invasive Tilt

Base Size¹
Top Width²
Top Length²
Down Height
2,000 36″ x 48″ 44″ – 62″ 50″ – 56″ 7″ 80
4,000 42″ x 50″ 44″ – 62″ 50″ – 56″ 7″ 80

¹width x length ²Standard sizes are available in 6 inch increments


Custom Sizes, Capacities and Speeds Available

We partner with our customers to design and build one-of-a-kind custom solutions that are unmatched in their versatility and reliability for a diverse set of material handling challenges. Speak with our sales team for more information.

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Common Options With Pneumatic Tilt

Options Model Number Description
Hand Control Stand APS5010-0100 One spring center return hand valve with NPT standard threading
Hand Control Stand
with Dirt Leg Mount
APS5010-0500 One spring center return hand valve with NPT standard threading and dirt leg mount (Filter Regulator Lubricator)
Foot Control Stand APS5020-0100 One spring center treadle valve with NPT standard threading
Dirt Leg Stand APS5010-1100 Stand for Filter Regulator Lubricator, airline filter to remove contaminants from pneumatic systems
Tilt Skirt ST5040-00X0 Black and Yellow Skirt to reduce the possibility of pinch point accidents
Adjustable Riser ST5050-00X0 Adjustable riser for ergonomic efficiency and comfortability in the work environment