Our Air Platform with Roll Cradle allows you to move difficult paper & material rolls effortlessly with air caster providing omnidirectional & nearly friction-free movement for maximum flexibility even in tight spaces. Our transporters have a low floor loading, keeping worker safety a priority. Both platform style plank and coil roll transport use an adjustable chock design, allowing for different sized rolls. Also, they use a slide-out air casters design that can be serviced without removing the load. As with all our products lines, our roll transporters are designed and made in America with full steel construction.

Adjustable Chocks

Adjustable chocks can fit different sized diameter rolls, and with a handle extension, can allow up to 20″ – 30″ larger rolls.

Airfloat Air Skids

Allow for safe, nearly frictionless movement of large loads and slide-out air casters that can be serviced without removing the load.

Quick ROI

Low initial and ongoing maintenance cost allow a quick return on investment (ROI).


Standard Plank Roll Transporters

Family Model Number: AF081-000X

Platform Width
Platform Length
Roll Diameter
Roll Diameter
With Handle Ext.
Roll Length¹
10,000 48″ 68″ 60″ 80″ 60″ 48
10,000 48″ 84″ 60″ 80″ 84″ 48
10,000 60″ 60″ 80″ 110″ 60″ 48

¹Load may overhang, assuming roll does not deflect


Custom Sizes, Capacities and Speeds Available

We partner with our customers to design and build one-of-a-kind custom solutions that are unmatched in their versatility and reliability for a diverse set of material handling challenges. Speak with our sales team for more information.

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Common Options With Plank Roll Transporter

Options Model Number Description
Extended Handle Extended handle allows for more clearance for larger Roll Diameters
Guide Wheel Retractable pneumatic wheel to assist operator with linear travel


4000 lb. Roll Transporter