Move Heavy Loads With Precision On Our Wheeled Transporter

Align Production Systems’ Battery Powered Transporter is the perfect alternative to our Air Caster Transporter in environments that are less than ideal for Air Caster solutions. Featuring modular steel construction from 3/4″ plate, our new wheeled transporter can handle loads of up to 100,000 lbs- at up to 20% off of center. Our latest line is available in 3 sizes, and is available with a number of options. Other features include:

  • Wireless Pendant Controller for cable free operation
  • Upgradeable Battery Pack with 120 minutes of continuous run time at capacity
  • Optional 5″ Lift Top with pallet system
  • Movement of 40 Feet Per Minute at full capacity


Electric Wheeled Transporter in Action

Battery Powered Transporter Models

Model Number Capacity Width Length Top Speed
APS010-0010 12,000 lbs 60 in 182 in 40 fpm
APS010-0020 16,000 lbs 72 in 182 in 40 fpm
APS010-0030 16,000 lbs 84 in 182 in 40 fpm

Safety First

Align Production Systems’ Wheeled Transporter not only offers an innovative way to transport heavy loads across your facility, but also improves worker safety. With a number of standard and optional safety features available, our Transporters offer state of the art safety technology, including features such as:

  • Polyurethane Corner Bumpers for impact protection
  • Low Ground Clearance for operator safety
  • Wireless Pendant allows for unrestricted operation
  • Optional Laser Obstacle Avoidance System


To learn more about our Airfloat Air Caster Transporters, please visit our page here.