It has been as great adventure over the last 13 years as the owner of Align Production Systems and Airfloat, designing and building serious heavy-duty solutions for heavy industry.

The industrial turntable behind me in our fabrication department, is an example of what we can do to support our customers around the world. This 80,000 lbs. giant table is slated to ship to Italy next month, and it will be handling a 300,000 lbs. load rotating at 0.5 RPM non-stop for years to come.

Align has an amazing team of sales engineers, designers, fabricators, and assembly technicians that build these types of solutions over the last 50 years. Our vision is to provide solution-based systems that lead our industrial customers and partners into a safe and sustainable future.

We do so through:

• quality people
• quality products
• quality partnerships
• determined innovation

I want to thank our customers, suppliers, partners, and team for the hard work and opportunity we are provided each and every day.

– Jason Stoecker, President