Learn how a manufacturer of offshore drilling equipment worked with Align Production Systems to move their 300 ton Blowout Preventer.


A manufacturer of offshore drilling equipment faced a daunting challenge at one of their facilities: moving a blowout preventer weighing 600,000 lbs. between their assembly bays.

The facility had recently added an additional bay to optimize their Blowout Preventer assembly line. However, moving the Blowout Preventer between bays meant a crane-free solution was needed to move the object weighing 300 tons.


Align Production Systems designed a custom Air Caster Transporter floating on 8 48″ Racetrack Air Casters that could safely move the 300 ton load between assembly bays without the use of an overhead crane.

The transporter is driven by two steerable pneumatic drives which are steered independently of each other and rotated 180° for omni-directional movement.

  • Custom Made. The transporter features a custom top with supports to stabilize the heavy load.
  • Automated. The transporter features line following technology in addition to manual RF controls.
  • Efficient Movement. The transporter floats on air casters, allowing it to safely move at 10 FPM.


By partnering with Align Production Systems to create a solution, the manufacturer was able to more efficiently move their Blowout Preventers between assembly bays without the use of another rail mounted overhead crane. This not only improved production time, but worker safety as well.

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