Learn how a manufacturer of concrete mixer trucks partnered with their local tool provider and Align Production Systems to increase safety and production speed by using a high capacity upender in their mixing drum line.

The Situation

A manufacturer of concrete mixer trucks needed a better way to manipulate the drums during fabrication. The drum was assembled from two cones, which are moved through fabrication vertically. When the mixing fins are attached to the inside of the drum, the cone needs to be positioned horizontally. After the fins are welded into place, the cone needs to be re-positioned vertically so the two cones can be joined to form the drum.
This process was both time and labor intensive for the manufacturing team, as they had to utilize an overhead crane to tilt the cone into the horizontal position. This method was not only slow, but a cause for safety concerns. The manufacturer needed a solution that would improve the safety of the process, as well increase production efficiency. They approached their regional tooling specialist for help.

The Solution

Align Production Systems Custom Industrial Upender

“Working with Align was very successful on this project. They were efficient from start to finish and available throughout the project for questions and overall expert recommendations. Our customer is happy and will certainly look to Align when future material handling applications arise.”      – Dave Johnson, The Tool House

The tooling specialist approached Align Production Systems to design and manufacture a solution that would increase efficiency, as well as reduce safety concerns. Align worked with the tooling specialist and the manufacturer to create a Hydraulic Upender that would be integrated into their line.

The Result

Utilizing the Upender, the manufacturer was able to make the moves in half the time. This improved throughput, as well as eliminated the safety concerns from positioning with an overhead crane.