How Align Production Systems removed bottlenecks at the end of a glass manufacturing line using two position glass rack turntables.

The Situation

A glass manufacturer was looking to optimize the end of line racking for their automated flat glass manufacturing line. The glass racking at the end of line required a racking system that could operate without pauses between loading/unloading racks.

A roadblock with integrating a turntable into the line was glass dust. The glass dust would penetrate bearings, causing costly downtime.

The Solution

Align Production Systems transformed the glass manufacturing operation by integrating robot interfacing air caster turntables into the line.

  • Seamless Integration Turntables were robotic interfacing to operate in tandem with the robots.
  • Low Maintenance Air Casters weren’t affected by glass dust like a traditional mechanical turntable.
  • Smooth Operation Air Casters float the top, eliminating product damage from vibration.

The Result

Align Production Systems’ robotic interfacing turntables increased throughput on the glass manufacturing line by eliminating pauses in production that occurred when changing racking. The air caster powered units also reduced down time by 95% by eliminating damage caused from glass dust.

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