Learn how Align Production Systems worked with student teams to develop the future of high speed transportation.

The Situation

Texas Guadaloop’s Pod Design

The Hyperloop began as a concept proposed by Elon Musk. Musk wanted to create transportation that would be able to operate without the impediment of weather or accidents at speeds near that of a jet. Musk likened the original concept to “A cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table.”

In his white paper on the Hyperloop, they recommended that competitors look into using Air Caster technology as a means to float on the Hyperloop’s rail system.

Through his company SpaceX, Musk opened a competition to college teams to develop Hyperloop pod designs. Align Production Systems was approached by several universities to help with implementing Air Caster technology into their pod designs.

the Solution

The Airfloat-powered Hyperloop pods feature air casters on the underside of the pod which allows it to hover on the guide rail. We worked with teams Texas Guadaloop and Team Waterloop to develop working pods that run using Air Caster technology.

How It Works

The air casters are inflated using on-board compressed air, allowing the pods to hover on the air film so they can be rapidly accelerated through the Hyperloop test track thanks to minimal friction with the guide rail.


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