Learn how Align Production Systems optimized a mold injection line by integrating a mechanical turntable to interface with an unloading robot.


A manufacturer of molded plastic components was looking to optimize their use of a manufacturing robot to remove parts from the molds. They were also looking for a solution that would take up less space than a linear line.


Align Production Systems designed a mechanical turntable designed to rotate 8 mold stations around a robot.

  • Optimized Efficiency The custom turntable solution removed production line inefficiencies.
  • Low Maintenance Designed with a slewing bearing for continual precision operation.
  • Heavy Duty The custom-designed turntables were manufactured to easily rotate 35,000 Lbs.


The turntables improved the production throughput by reducing the time it took unload products from molds. The uniques turntable assembly line solution also helped the customer save factory floor space. Learn more about our robotic turntable here.