Align Production Systems optimized an activated carbon manufacturer’s carbon activation process by using a mechanical turntable.


A manufacturer of carbon-based products was aware of the inefficiencies in their carbon manufacturing processes. They found themselves looking for a more efficient way to move large vats of carbon through their process.

The process occurred in an assembly line, where the vats of carbon would move down the line through the process. This was space inefficient and required the vats to be returned at the end.


Optimized Efficiency
The custom turntable solution eliminated the time between switching racks.
Low Maintenance
Designed with a slewing bearings for continual operation outdoors.
Heavy Duty
The custom-designed turntables were manufactured to easily rotate 500,000 lbs.
Align Production Systems designed a mechanical turntable designed to rotate the carbon vats through the manufacturing process.

The Result

The turntables improved the speed at which carbon could be manufactured. The 500,000 lb. capacity of the turntables allowed for a higher production volume, and decreased the time needed to travel between phases of the carbon manufacturing process.

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