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Today’s processing environment is all about accomplishing the highest degree of efficiency, or lean manufacturing. Align Production Systems answers this need with a full line of standard and custom-engineered material handling products. Movement becomes faster, less expensive, and more proficient by using our industrial solutions.

The Align philosophy is to work together as a team to effectively implement the best solution, on the best schedule, at the best price. This “Q3” philosophy drives Align to perform our best through quality employees, quality products, and quality customers.

Our process has made Align a proven leader in supplying innovative material handling solutions to a diverse range of industries around the globe such as automotive, aerospace, heavy construction, heavy electrical, mobile-home, pharmaceutical, and food.

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Our Vision and Focus

Daily decision making is the essence of our business. We believe that our culture and people are the key to both our customers' success as it is our own. Training, trust, and empowerment are essential and the means to unlocking the genius of our people. We are intentional about the workplace we are building and our need to have people dedicated to our customers success.
We learned a long time ago that we can make many mistakes and be forgiven so long as our product performs and exceeds the demands of our customers. Quality of product takes priority over all other aspects of our business. Very few companies can brag of over 50 years of business like Airfloat, quality matters.
Our customers are our partners and reason we go to work every day. With the high demands of wall street, the realities of main street, and the rigorous demands of heavy industry it is critical that we at Airfloat innovate, control costs, be responsive, and build quality, thus assuring our customers long term survival and prosperity.
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Looking for Heavy Load Transport Solutions That You Don't See Here?

Our brand divisions offer robust custom and pre-made solutions for a wide range of production and storage environments.


Air caster technology for heavy load movement.

Hedin USA

Battery powered transporters, tug trucks, and more.
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