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AGV Flatbed transporter from Hedin USA Autonomous Vehicle in manufacturing facility

AGVs can be guided by various styles of navigation, but which one do you need? Different applications will call for different styles of navigation, depending on the size of the load, the flexibility of the facility, or the budget of the project. We’ll work with you to figure out which one you need, but take a look below to see the different styles we offer.
+ Laser positioning using Reflectors Navigation (LiDAR)
+ Machine learning with Natural Navigation
+ Series of physical markers like Magnetic Spots and Barcode
+ Line following with Magnetic Tape and Inductive Wire
+ Combination of various systems for Multi-Navigation


The most important part of any operation is safety, and there’s no shortage of safety features and options on our AGVs. Whether it’s visual/audio alarms, bumpers and creep/slowdown zones, you can be sure that your AGVs will operate with safety at the forefront of their robot brains.
+ Safety scanners for collision avoidance
+ Visual warnings with blue lights and light stacks
+ Audible warnings with alarms
+ Stop operations immediately with emergency stop button
+ ‘Creep’ zones to slow down in certain areas of operation


AGVs are made up of a bunch of complex parts in order to be simple to interact with and make your operations simpler. The main components are listed below, but you can click the link beneath the component list to learn more about what components go into our AGVs.
+ Vehicle Controller – the brains of the AGV
+ Navigation Sensors to automatically drive the AGV
+ HMI for interacting with the AGV and diagnostics
+ Wired and wireless controller for manual control


Our software allows you to see all functions, paths, and diagnostics of the AGV in one place. All design tools are accessed through the software, including layout management, safety zone setup, stations, and navigation environments. Learn more by clicking the link below the bullet points.
+ View diagnostics and the status of the system
+ Design paths, safety zones, and environments
+ Easily interact with the AGV system and view reports
+ View vehicle controller parameters and load handling


In the event of your AGV requiring support, we have multiple options for tackling the issue. Whether you want help remotely to find the solution, or you’re looking for a certified Align employee to service your equipment, we’ll get your AGV back on track as quick as possible.
+ Align team will come to your facility with Onsite Support
+ Quick adjustments & troubleshooting with Remote Support
+ Give us a call to talk with an engineer with Call Support
+ Training programs for learning your AGV system
+ Our online Spare Parts Portal can be used to access commonly needed spares or replacements components


Transport nacelles or wind blades from station to station to automate assembly for maximum throughput.
AGVs carry the vehicle from one station to the next, allowing for the manufacturing line to move efficiently and be fully automated from beginning to end.
AGVs carry large vehicles and busses from one station to the next, allowing for the manufacturing line to move efficiently and be fully automated from beginning to end.
Large chassis can easily maneuvered throughout the assembly of the vehicle.
Maneuver fuselages and assemblies throughout the manufacturing process.
Automate the assembly of the world's largest and heaviest vehicles.

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