At the core of our business, Align Production Systems is dedicated to engineering excellence. We have been building custom engineered solutions for heavy manufacturers for over half a century, with projects ranging from custom-designed transporters, to robotic workcells, to fully automated production systems.


Align Production Systems designs all of our products and custom engineered solutions using 3D modeling in SolidWorks. Our Engineering Team also utilizes Finite Element Analysis to ensure our steel structures are properly designed to meet the project specifications with structural, stress, and fatigues analyses.


Our engineering team consists of a diverse group of engineers with decades of experience. Our engineers specialize in machine design and controls engineering, and all of our engineers undergo rigorous product training before beginning at Align Production Systems.

Product Development

Not sure how to optimize your work? Align Production System is equipped with an in-house Product Development team dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions tuned to solve your problems.

Project Management

Every product sold by Align Production Systems is assigned a Project Manager to provide regular communications of design progress, manufacturing status, and a consistent contact point throughout the lifecycle of a project.


Looking for Heavy Load Transport Solutions That You Don't See Here?

Our brand divisions offer robust custom and pre-made solutions for a wide range of production and storage environments.


Air caster technology for heavy load movement.

Hedin USA

Battery powered transporters, tug trucks, and more.
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