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AGV transporter showing safety features
Safety Scanner
Safety Scanner

The scanners are what sees objects and pedestrians and relay the information to the vehicle controller, allowing the AGV for automatically come to a stop or slow down when it reaches stop zones.
+ Zone segmentation for slow, creep, and stopping
+ Setup and customize to your safety requirements

Creep Mode
Creep Mode

Creep Mode is a feature of the Safety Scanner that will slow down the AGV to a crawling speed when a foreign object enters the vehicles path. If the object moves out of the area, the vehicle will continue to move along the path. If it encroaches upon the vehicle’s Safety Zone, the vehicle will stop moving until the area is clear.
+ Increase Operator Safety
+ Vehicle won’t allow itself to hit objects
+ OSHA required safety scanners for collision avoidance

Blue Pedestrian Light
Blue Pedestrian Light

Blue lights increase the visibility of the vehicles, allowing workers to see the path in front of the vehicle and avoid getting in the way.
+ Increase safety at blind intersections
+ Warn pedestrians of the AGV’s presence & direction
+ Mix with audible safety options for maximum efficacy

Audible Alarm
Audible Alarm

Warn pedestrians and other vehicles about the movement of an AGV with audible alarms. The alarm will warn workers in the area to use cation and avoid an incident.
+ Audible warning to workers in the area
+ Increase visibility and avoid dangerous situations
+ Mix with visual safety options for maximum efficacy

Light Stack
Light Stack

Visual warning to inform workers on the status of the AGV. The colors coordinate with the status of the vehicle, system, or process. Available in a variety of colors; in flashing or permanent incandescent; and can include audible alarms.
+ Visual indication of the AGVs status
+ Combine with other safety options for maximum efficacy

Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
Emergency Stop (E-Stop)

E-Stops can be used as a quick method to stop the AGV. Operators press the button on the vehicle or the controller to bring the AGV to a complete stop in case of an emergency.
+ Located around the AGV and on the controller
+ Increase safety & peace of mind

Other Accessories
Other Accessories

We have a lot of experience in custom designing and manufacturing. If there’s any safety features that you don’t see above that you’re looking for on your dream AGV system, talk with us. We’ll make an AGV that uniquely fits your application and specifications.
+ Increase Operator Safety
+ Integration of internal systems and tools
+ Designed and built to your safety specifications

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Question & Answer
What is the difference between Soft Stop and Hard Stop?

A soft stop will automatically slow and or stop the vehicle to avoid a collision and will resume operations when clear. An example is the safety scanner, when a obstacle blocks the path, the vehicle will slow down and come to a complete stop.

A hard stop is when select safety features are triggered, such as an e-stop, causing the vehicle to stop immediately. This may require manually re-enabling the vehicle before resuming operations.

Safety Scanners vs Safety Bummpers?

Safety scanners are preventive safety feature that slows and stops the vehicle from hitting a worker or other obstacles. When used in a AGV application, OSHA requires safety scanners for collision avoidance.

Safety bumper is a reactive safety feature that stops the vehicle when pressure from hitting someone or something. Safety scanners are preferred, stopping a large amount of weight might take a few inches to fully stop and could jerk the weight forward.

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