Align Production Systems fabricates our products and custom engineered solutions in-house at our manufacturing facility in Decatur, Illinois, where we’ve been in operation as our historic brand, Airfloat, for over 50 years.

Metal Reduction

Our manufacturing process usually begins in our reduction department. Our reduction team uses precision tools to ensure all of our steel is cut, bent, and formed precisely to the engineers design. Our products commonly use notch & tab steel construction, our Bystronic BySprint Fiber Laser ensures precision for all of our sheet steel components.


Our in-house machinists allow us to reduce lead times, reducing our reliance on outside machinists for specialty parts.


Our fabrication team takes the components from reduction and assemble and weld them into the steel structures that will eventually be a completed product. Our fabrication department features large displays with Solidworks Models of the product in every work cell, so our fabricators can easily manipulate models to identify how to assemble and weld the product. All of our fabricators are certified welders, SolidWorks trained, and can video conference at weld cells with our engineering team.

Panel Building

Our In-house controls team allows us to build panels and program our equipment without relying on outside contractors, reducing costs and lead times for our customers. Our controls team has experience programming products from AGV Transporters to Automated Assembly Lines.


Paint is an important part of protecting equipment. We use oil-based air-dry enamel paint to ensure your equipment is properly protected. Our manufacturing facility has its own down draft paint booth.


Our assembly team is the final part of the manufacturing process. They are responsible for assembling the finished components of the equipment to create the final product. Our assembly team is trained in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems, and integrate these into the final assembly.


After the Assembly Team finishes the product, they will put it through our rigorous cycle testing procedure to ensure proper operation in the field.


Looking for Heavy Load Transport Solutions That You Don't See Here?

Our brand divisions offer robust custom and pre-made solutions for a wide range of production and storage environments.


Air caster technology for heavy load movement.

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