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Matthew Cohea

Matthew Cohea is our Sales Representative for Engineered Solutions, bringing over a decade of diverse sales experience across industries like material handling, rigging, hydraulics, and valve automation. Beyond traditional sales, Matthew adeptly crafts tailored solutions for both internal and external opportunities, driven by a customer-centric approach honed through solution-based sales expertise.

His skill set is as diverse as the industries he serves. From innovative sales tactics to technical guidance, his broad knowledge base enables him to solve complex customer problems effectively. His leadership skills, refined during his tenure in the United States Navy, further enhance his ability to lead our sales team.

Outside of work, Matthew is a devoted family man, finding joy in spending time with his loved ones and pursuing outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and gardening. An avid dog enthusiast, he also enjoys training his Labrador retrievers for duck hunting and occasionally competing in dock diving.

Matthew Cohea embodies our company ethos of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making him an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted partner for our customers.

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