Flush Floor Turntable
& Custom Carts on Rails


Custom Mechanical Turntable Built to be
Integrated with Customer's Rail System
High Capacity Flush Floor Turntable with Rails


Our customer was in need of a new system to transport their sensitive product around their facility. The only problem? It’s heavy. In order to move the load, Align Production Systems designed and manufactured a set of turntables and battery powered carts that interact with the customer’s existing rail system. The mechanical turntables would need to be designed to handle the weight of the load and still be able to rotate it towards a new direction of the rail system.

The Solution

Align worked with the customer to create an entirely custom mechanical turntable set, focusing on efficiency, safety, and integration with their existing system. The turntables have a capacity of 60,000 lbs. and everywhere else on the platform has a 7,500 lbs. capacity, allowing for forklifts to drive on and off the tables if necessary. Each turntable is 216 inches in diameter and has high precision accuracy that be controlled to ±1/64 of an inch. With the high capacity mechanical turntables and the custom made battery powered carts, the customer can now turn their load much easier.

How It Works

The Process

Rail System
The load is moved onto the turntables by the RF controlled battery powered transporter carts, which line up with the rails in the floor, transfer platform, and turntables.
Rotating the Load
Once on the turntable, "in-position" sensors let the operator know the cant is centered and the table is ready to be rotated. Sensors on the turntable top look for fixed flags at each rail location on the platform to help guide the turntable into position.
Transporting Load
After the turntable has rotated a cart to a new direction and the table has slowed to a stop, the operator can then move the cart via RF controller off the turntable and surrounding platform to be taken to the next stage of manufacturing.

Turntables & Carts Demonstration

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The Result

By implementing the mechanical turntable system with custom RF controlled carts, the customer is able to safely move their sensitive product through their manufacturing line safely and efficiently.

Align Production Systems has a long history of solving bottlenecks and production inefficiencies for our customers. If you’re looking for assistance or more information about custom engineering, please contact sales@alignprod.com or submit a request for a free consultation on our Request a Quote page.

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