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Coil Transporters
Coil Transporters

Improve your coil handling process by moving various coil sizes and capacities while maintaining positive load control. Pick up coils straight from the floor and use them with a coil upender and decoiler – creating a safer alternative to overhead cranes or forklifts.
+ Cradle & spike handling options
+ Pick up coils right off the floor
+ Safe, single-operator operation
+ Maintain positive load control
without the risk of the unit tipping

Coil Positioners
Coil Positioners

Upend or tilt coils of different sizes from Eye To The Side and Eye To The Sky for coil palletization and assisting in decoiler loading. Not limited to just upending, options for our coil positioners to rotate 180° are available.
+ 90° horizontal & vertical tilt
+ 180° & 360° rotation options
+ Maintain positive load control
+ Compatible with our Coil Transporter

Looking for Heavy Load Transport Solutions That You Don't See Here?

Our brand divisions offer robust custom and pre-made solutions for a wide range of production and storage environments.


Air caster technology for heavy load movement.

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