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Industries Served
Industries Served

Align offers various transporters sizes that adapt the various applications within the cable and wire industry. From moving reels that weigh a few thousand pounds to ones that weigh over a million pounds, there’s no application too tough for Align to design a unique solution for. Cable industries served:
+ Coaxial Cables – Internet & Television
+ Fiber Optic Cables – High-Speed Data Transmission
+ Ethernet Cable  – Network Connections
+ Power Cable – Transmit Electricity
+ Submarine Cables – Undersea Telecommunications
+ Oil & Gas Tubing – Extracting Materials from Reservoirs

Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits

Align has a history of customizing our existing equipment, so any changes necessary to fit your application aren’t a problem. Whether it’s a change in the adjustable arm’s diameter or the type of wheels needed for outdoor use, we’ll take care of it all.
+ Adjustable arms that can adapt to different diameters of spools / reels / drums.
+ Capacities over 1,000,000 lbs.
+ Motor-driven wheels to reel / unreel cable

Move Heavy Duty Cable & Wire

From smaller wire spools to massive undersea cable drums, Align manufactures custom cable moving equipment with high capacities over 1,000,000 lbs.
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Cable Spool/Drum/Reel Transporter
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