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Align Production Systems can design and build custom turntables for any size and load capacity, including special fixtures or load support hardware.
Align Production Systems can design and build custom turntables for any size and load capacity, including special fixtures or load support hardware.
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Custom Turntables

Custom indexer projects can be designed with Airfloat air caster technology or more conventional mechanical bearings or wheels. From simple manual rotation to a completely automated system integrated with your manufacturing process, Align’s quality manufacturing ensures safe, reliable operation for years.
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Custom Turntables with Platform
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Flush Floor Turntable with Rails & Battery Carts
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22ft Mechanical Turntable
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Case Study

Boosting Glass Line Efficiency with Two-Position Rack Turntables
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Air Casters
Designed with our air caster technology, the turntables allow for loads to be easily rotated on a thin film of air.
Previous Designs
We’ve done a little bit of everything, including custom turntables built for glass rack handling, robotic handling lines, mining truck assembly, and removing a bottleneck at the end of a stamping line.

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What’s the difference between Air Caster Turntables and Mechanical Turntables?

Air Caster Turntables float the load on a thin film of air, allowing for nearly friction free rotation.

What kind of maintenance should I expect for the Air Caster Turntables?

While our Air Casters are made with high quality materials, you may find yourself with a worn down Air Caster after extended use. These can easily be replaced thanks to our slide-out trays, allowing for easy access to replace the Air Casters without removing the load if necessary.

How easy is it to repair or perform maintenance on the Air Caster Turntables?

We designed our Air Caster Turntables to make it simple and quick to replace all internal components; such as the drive, shock stops, the shot pin, and the air casters themselves.

What are the advantages to using Air Caster Turntables over Mechanical Turntables?

In certain manufacturing environments, small particles such as glass or dust can cause downtime when using Mechanical Turntables. Air Casters offer a barrier of protection from small particles, resulting in higher efficiency over time. Give us a call at 800-888-0018 to speak with us about which type of turntable would best suit your needs.

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