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Industries Served
Industries Served

Injection molding requires heavy, difficult to move dies. Align offers die change transporters to to make the swapping of molds efficient and less time-consuming, resulting in less down-time and an increase in production. Industries served:
+ Automotive & Transportation – Dashboards, door panels, bumpers
+ Building & Construction – Plastic pipes, fittings
+ Healthcare – syringes, vials, equipment housing
+ Electrical & Electronics – Casings, connectors, buttons
+ Packaging – Plastic containers, bottles, cans, housings
+ Consumables – Toys, containers, kitchenware

Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits

Utilizing mold & die transporters can vastly increase efficiency in production lines, all while maximizing safety in your facility. Transporters eliminate the need for overhead cranes or other unsafe movement, create a safe environment for all operators.
+ Eliminate overhead cranes
+ Shelving designed and manufactured by Align available

Change Molds & Dies

Drastically reduce down time & eliminate safety concerns in your molding or stamping line with Quick-Change Mold & Die Systems from Hedin USA. The Quick-Change Mold & Die Transporter is designed to maximize safety for operators and efficiency when changing Molds or Dies on your molding or stamping line. The Quick-Change system utilizes a roller bed with loading arms, enabling the transporter to extract the mold onto one roller bed, then haul it away for storage, cleaning, or maintenance.
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